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Hi. I'm Omar. I'm the founder of the Nomads Cast Agency and host of The Nomadic Executive podcast. Here at Nomadables, we usher you into the era of remote work. We focus on online entrepreneurship & marketing, travel logistics, lifestyle design, and personal development. So wherever you are in life, we're here to help you become happier, healthier, and more free.
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Hosted by Omar Mo

The Nomadic Executive

Weekly interviews, strategies, and advice for online entrepreneurs on designing their life and business. If you are an aspiring remote worker, digital nomad, or curious about creating a business on the internet, this podcast is for you.

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"This is a great podcast for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and digital nomads alike. Lots of great episodes full of actionable content and advice. Omar really brings a lot to the shows and pulls even more out of all his guests. Highly recommend this show!"

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"Omar brings in fascinating guests and dives deep into so many topics that travellers can learn and benefit from. If you haven't listened yet, definitely check it out."

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"Omar does an awesome job and has really interesting guests. Great strategies for starting your own business and becoming a digital nomad!"

Awesome Podcast!

I’ve spent the last few years travelling without a home base so I really relate to these stories. Definitely worth a listen!! Many thanks.

Agency Owner,
Content Strategist,
Performance Coach,
and Digital Nomad

     Hey, Omar here. When I was 18, I was lost. Like many kids my age, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and was thrown into a school system designed to teach you all of the wrong things.
     By the time I was 27, I built multiple streams of income through freelancing, investing, and several online businesses. Along this journey, I interviewed, and learned from some of the most exceptional people in their respective fields, all over the world. From Billionaires to Buddhist Monks, I learned the keys to living a happy, healthy, and balanced life full of purpose and passion.
     Today I help others who want to escape their 9 to 5. While I continue interviewing top performers, I've created a podcast and blog that aims to help you advance in your own life using lessons I've learned from the world's best. I help you design a life of freedom and purpose centered around health, wealth, and wisdom.
     Start with one of the guides above or take the quiz below to find the your destined path.

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Read the blueprint on becoming someone who works and travels the world.
✓ Step by step from finding work to packing and visas.
✓Tips to grow and manage your finances while traveling.
✓Mindsets and what to keep in mind in this lifestyle.
A kit for bootstrapping and laying down the foundation for an online business.
✓Marketing yourself and creating a brand identity.
✓Finding your niche audience and ideal customer.
✓Checklist on building a product for your audience.
The manual on how to live a happier, healthier, and free through personal growth.
✓How to build confidence and foster relationships anywhere.
✓Cheat sheet to increase your productivity 10 fold.
✓The secrets to minimal and efficient healthy living.
A full cheat sheet with tips and tricks that help you work effectively while remote.
✓Habits and traits that make an effective remote worker.
✓Remote software and tools to make life easy.
✓How to find a remote job or freelance work.
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