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The Nomadic Notebook is a 90 day optimization system built on the teachings of millionaires, monks, and successful entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads worldwide. Meant to be used for 20 minutes every morning, this system will help you become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and more SUCCESSFUL by the end.

This systemic journal will grow with you. By the end of the 90 days you will:
Have 3 new consistent and productive habits
Create a grand vision and a game plan to get there
Accelerate your growth & achievement
Become more present and full of gratitude

How it Works
Right after purchase, 10% of cost goes into escrow. If you're able to completely finish "Nomadic Notebook" :
• The 10% goes in to the charity chosen after checkout.
• Your name gets added to our honor wall here on Nomadables.
• An quote chosen by you is placed under your name to help future nomads.
• A tree gets planted in your name with a personal picture.
• You become a veteran member of our Nomadables community.  

As you work through the optimization system, you'll be warmly welcomed into an incredible community where you can connect with accountability partners, online entrepreneurs, remote workers, and others on the same path as you.

To send your proof of completion, email us at: