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Growth Hacking and Brand Building W/ Christina Voll


Have you ever thought about what it takes to run your own brand? The countless hours of content, marketing, trend watching, and growth hacking. Now imagine doing that while taking classes full time, or traveling the world. Today’s guest has done both.

We’re joined by Christina Voll, a freelancing and digital marketing consultant who has helped brands grow over the past 6 years ago without ever having to step into an office. Join me while we dive into Christina’s entrepreneurial story along with marketing tips and tricks that can help you push your own brand.

Today's Guest

Christina Voll

Christina helps aspiring freelancers and business owners change their lives with remote work. 6 years ago, she chose to never step foot into an office and continue to never do so.

She has worked as a freelancer and helped over a dozen brands in multiple continents grow their online presence through digital marketing and growth strategy. After 6 years of freelancing and traveling the world, she decided she wanted to take the leap and offer coaching on how to become a successful freelancer,  find the freedom of location-independence and achieve remote work success.

During her first year of coaching, she ran into the problem of many change-seekers approaching her with different desired results - some wanted to be an entrepreneur, some an expat in a foreign country, others wanted to score a remote 9-5. She realized I didn’t have the skills to help all of these people at once, so she decided to create a platform and team that could; and Rise Remotely was born.

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