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Revolutionizing Movement and African Safaris W/ Dave


Today’s interview is a story of adventure. We’re joined by Dave of Global Active Packs. Dave’s on the other side of the world in Australia and has founded an e-commerce startup that revolutionizes the way people move on the go. He got his start as a personal trainer for a number of years before leaving it all behind to head to Africa and work at a wildlife sanctuary as a Safari guide. There, he spent months experimenting in finding the best way to maintain a fit lifestyle. Out of that experience, global active packs was born. Join us while we dive into Dave’s story of adventure and hustle.

Today's Guest

Dave Lalieu

Having grown up in Australia (from South African descent), Dave always had a lingering desire to fulfill his childhood dream of living & working in the African bush, it just never felt like a possibility.

No place on Earth gave him the peace of mind & fulfillment than when he was eagerly trying to spot wild African animals or staring in awe at glorious morning game-drive sunrises.

At 21, he decided to stop ignoring this pull to Africa, resigned from my personal training job & left all his loves in Australia to pursue this goal.

Along that journey, Global Active Packs was created, a set of portable and advanced gym equipment that makes it easy to work out on the go.

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